Marketing & Confidence Coach, Fur Mum to Max, Lover of Wine and PIZZA-OBSESSED!

Here to help YOU get clear on your message, and purpose so you can attract more clients with ease and flow. I want you to love what you do and feel excited about the shape of your future. My exclusive 1:1 packages are designed to get you moving and ready to take your business to the next level.


Are you ready to build a business you love and connect with dream clients?


Meet you mentor

Hey, I’m Lauren.

If you’re ready to step up and take action to get your business to the next level, without the overwhelm, stress or lack of clarity and direction, look no further, I got you.

Business can feel hard, and the end can almost always seem far out of reach. You tell yourself you have to work crazy hours, have zero boundaries and say ‘YES’ to every opportunity that comes your way – wrong!

Not only that, but there’s so much to think about, what comes first? The website, the clients, the content, the strategy and JEZZZO let’s not forget the common roadbloacks we face, fear of failure, judgement, lack of confidence, the list goes on…

But I’m here to intervene and guide you in the right direction. Goodbye confusion and hello, to the new confident CEO you truly are.

The Online Initiative Podcast

Ready to up-level, learn the latest strategies and grow your business through both marketing and mindset work. Then THE ONLINE INITIATIVE PODCAST is for you.

This podcast is your one stop shop to hear all about social media, content creation, brand developement, systems, tools and so much more. Hear first hand from industry experts and listen in on some truly inspiring stories. If you’re ready to dive head first into entrepreneurship, look no further, come and join me on the podcast!

Ways we can work together


Weekly support and accountability to help you reach your goals.


60-90 minute intensive planning, mindset work and strategy.


Coming Soon!

See what my clients have to say

If you are looking for a coach and someone with good written skills, then Lauren is your girl.

I really enjoyed her vibe, personality (and accent lol). I appreciated the time, advice and the chance to work with Lauren. It was such a pleasure.


Lauren had some really great strategies that I could implement straight away. I would 100% recommend working with Lauren, I got so much value in a really short space of time. Lauren is awesome, very knowledgeable and can really help make a difference in your business.


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