Curious to know how I went from being an unhappy, burnt out freelancer working three jobs. To a life of abundance doing something I LOVE?


I’m an online business and confidence coach for creative entrepreneurs, coaches and small businesses. Words, photography and social media are my JAM. I love working with ambitious individuals who need help shaping their story, finding their voice and building an honest online presence their tribe can’t get enough of.

But trust me when I say, it wasn’t always this way!

Before the freedom, before the social media presence and WAY before this website was born. I lived your typical work, eat, sleep REPEAT lifestyle.


I was living my very own Groundhog Day, over and over and over again, “9-5 eat your heart out.”

The early days…

Like all the great Hollywood stories, we’ll start at the beginning. But, to avoid boredom kicking in, don’t worry, I’ll keep it relevant.
I lived a pretty good ole’ normal life as a kid. You know the kind; happy, stable family, who worked ‘normal’ jobs. We weren’t super rich, nor where we penniless. Just me, my mum and my dad. I mean, what else could you ask for. One BIG happy family, to me, that’s normal, right? 
Fast forward a few years making me a fresh faced 14 year old. After my birthday, I had noticed my dad’s odd behaviour become more regular. Getting angry all the time, mood swings you wouldn’t believe and long spells of silent treatment after an argument. Little did I know at the time, but this had been my mum’s life for some time. Now I was older, I was starting to see it too.


Everything came crashing down…

Long story short (because – ain’t nobody got time for that). Two months after my 14th birthday, my dad took his own life. I guess you could say he’d had enough. His life-long battle with depression and bipolar were finally over. Leaving me and my mum on the side-lines left speechless. Sorry for the hard-hitting truth, but this is my story and I’m here to share it. Not because it’s sad – I’m NOT fishing for a pity party or your sympathy – NO. Because ironically, the decision my dad made based on his depression, triggered a downward spiral into my struggle with depression and anxiety.  

“Which is where my story really starts.”

I’m Lauren, I’m a survivor and I can happily say that years of stress related depression, social anxiety and unexpected panic attacks are finally over. AND if it wasn’t for an early-life crisis I had aged 21, due to a job that no longer made me happy, I’d probably still be in pain.


Saving Lauren! 

It’s kind of funny and ironic, that the very thing which made my life unbearable anymore, saved me. Cliché, I know (sue me). I quit my job to travel the world. I guess you could say I wanted to find my calling in life, I was waiting for the world to light me up again. But the truth is, I was running away from my problems. I travelled a lot and for a long time, with no real desire in my life. This is when my freelancing career took off and more importantly funded my travels. I started a blog, wrote scripts for Netflix documentaries, ghost wrote for other blogs and drafted marketing copy for small businesses. 
It was great at the time, I was making just enough money to travel the world and live within my means. But the truth is, I became tired of this life and wanted to create a bigger impact. I had two choices, continue doing what I was doing, hustling my way through life, taking on more work than I could handle or take my knowledge and skills in a different direction. Which is exactly what I did.


I hit a turning point… 

After very little thought, the desire to FINALLY take myself seriously and my business to the next level. I invested thousands of £££ and hired a business coach. If I was going to help change the lives of others through the work I was doing, I first had to start with myself.
It wasn’t long before I was earning more money in my coaching business, than any of my previous jobs put together. I only have my mentor to thank for that. After investing in myself, understanding the systems and breaking through my own barriers, I put myself out there. Which resulted in a ripple effect and put my name on the map. Now it is my mission to help struggling female entrepreneurs, flourish and grow their business through story-telling and sales strategy. 

Grab your drink of choice, and let’s talk business!