"The Best Co-Working Space in Canggu, Bali"

As a passionate travel blogger, writer and web designer, finding the perfect place to ‘get work done’ can be tricky. I had never heard about a co-working space before Bali, nor used one or been to check one out.

So, how did I hear about this co-working space?

It wasn’t until I met Eva, an ex-marketing specialist who recently quit her NYC lifestyle and moved to Bali to start her own company. We met a few days into my trip at a cafe, both on our laptops working away, I was blogging (obvs). She noticed what I was doing, which lead her to start a conversation. Long story short, we have been exchanging knowledge meeting regularly. Eva introduced me to the world of nomad co-working spaces and I’m never looking back.

What to expect…

Tropical Nomad Co-Working Space, is just one of the many online working hotspots in Bali. One of which, I grew particularly fond of. It’s a bit like going to the office, only the office is outside, surrounded with palm trees and overlooking rice fields. Okay, yeah, its not REALY like going to the office, it’s 100 times better (sorry corporate folks). With coconuts available at the bar for just 25k (£1.35), free water and a selection of healthy bakery goods for all members. It’s paradise and I’ve never been more productive in my entire life.

With superb WiFi speeds, indoor air-conditioned work tops, lush outside seating, private rooms available for calls or webinars, open around the clock 24/7 AND as a member you can bring someone along free of charge for a 24 hour day trial. Perfect for business meet-ups, friends or the ordinary folk like me. The staff are SUPER friendly, always there to lend a hand and assist you with any issues. What makes this place even better is the price. For a reasonable cost and multiple packages to choose from, depending on your needs. Making for an easier life and perfect work space, especially for someone traveling on a tight budget.


I’ve been given the key and opened up to a whole new world of working online. Now I’ve dipped my toe in the pond, I’m already researching co-working spots in other countries, cities. Basically everywhere I’m traveling to or planning to visit in the near future.

Let me know in the comments below if you’ve ever used a co-working space and what were your thoughts? Would you go back or use a co[-working space again?

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