"How To Boost Engagement On Your Facebook Page"

Nowadays, Facebook is a long game, sorry to burst your bubble – but it’s the truth. That being said, I’m not saying you can’t boost engagement on your Facebook page. There are some simple and super effective ways you can get more comments, likes and shares on your page content. It’s just about knowing what to do, and following through on each action. Remember, your Facebook BUSINESS page is your online portfolio, along with ALL your other social media platforms. So keeping it relevant to what you and your business are all about, is key here.

Every platform is different, so what goes on Facebook, doesn’t always mean it’s going to work on Instagram. So be sure to stay on top of the latest trends, research and guidelines. As well as this, every page is subject to the person behind the computer. The more of your personality you let shine through, the better results you will see. REMEMBER… People buy from people, and people enjoy engagement with humans, so showing up is crucial.

A highly engaged Facebook page takes time and commitment, I’m not here to lie to you. BUT… that’s not to say it’s impossible, and with the quick and easy tips that you can start implementing TODAY! You’ll be on the road to success in boosting engagement on your Facebook page.



Timing is EVERYTHING! If you’re posting your content late at night, when the majority of your audience are sleeping, you might wanna re-think that content strategy lovely! What’s the point in pushing out posts, when no one is awake or online and scrolling? To be able to boost engagement on your Facebook page, you’ll need to be more aware of when your community are online, as well as when you ideal clients (lurker) are also online, so you can make the most impact with your content. Doing research is always the best place to start, here’s a few ways you could find out:

  • Ask the question in a post “When are you most active on XYZ?”
  • Use survey’s or polls
  • Check your page insights

Know that most people are either checking their phones, first thing in the morning, lunch time when they have their break from work and 5pm+ once the day is finished and it’s time to unwind.


What a world we would live in if all social media platforms worked the same, HAHA – that’ll be the day! Facebook has its preferred content, as does Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn etc… Here’s the deal, picture posts and short form copy work best on Facebook. So you can stop trying to write a mini-essay, autobiography or memoir on Facebook, people don’t want to read it. As well as short form copy, be sure to add a fun picture, graphics or GIF – Facebook users will love ya for it.



Did you hear, 2020 is the year of video – yeah, me too! But it’s the cold hard truth. Social media is shifting, in fact, it’s already there. If you haven’t already jumped on the video train, it’s time to buy your ticket. Video is an amazing way to boost engagement on your Facebook page and here’s why…

Video, unlike posts or pictures, hold the attention of your audience longer. As well as that, people are lazy, therefore they would rather sit back and watch something vs reading a long form post about it. If anything, you should be JUMPING at the fact you can grab the attention of your ideal clients through a quick recorded video, rather than taking longer time on your part in writing it all down.


Who doesn’t love a freebie or giveaway!? ERMMMMMM…. I know I do. This is a great way to boost engagement on your page, especially if you’re planning on showing up live later that week. By hosting a giveaway, you are able to ask people to like, share and comment on the post. Facebook’s algorithm will notice the spike in engagement, therefore when its time to do your live training, webinar etc, Facebook will ensure more people see your video… especially those who have already comments on your giveaway post earlier that week (you’re welcome!)

Giveaways are GREAT – but try not to do them too often! If you’re stuck on what you could do, here’s a few ideas… Book giveaway, free session of what you do, pamper box, digital courses, eBooks, Amazon vouchers… the world is your oyster.



Questions, polls and getting down and dirty in the comments with the people who follow you is the BEST way to build relationships, trust and make connections. This should be part of your daily routine, so ensure you’re posting engaging content, asking questions and using polls so that your audience can interact with you is great. On this plus side, these posts basically do the work for you. Doing this will always help boost engagement on your Facebook page. Keep it light, fun and entertaining 80% of the time. Remember to give value, tips and share educational content that your audience will benefit from seeing.


Here’s the best one, and one that most people forget about and overlook. YOU NEED TO BE POSTING DAILY! Like everything else in life, you can’t create the page and forget about it. Just like you can’t buy a plant and never water it (IT’S GONNA DIE – DUH) You need to nurture, tend to and constantly look after your business page, just like all other platforms you are showing up on. Evidently, the more visible and engaged you are on this page, the more your followers will return the favour (BINGO).

Practise what you preach, engage daily on your page, with people who like your page and even engage with other people AS YOU PAGE (that’s a thing don’t ya know). The more you are intentionally showing up and being active, the more you will attract your ideal followers, clients, etc.



At the end of the day, if you aren’t being yourself or trying to act like someone else – what’s the point. Have fun with it, stay true to yourself and keep the conversation friendly. This will always attract your dream clients, help you build real connections and relationship and most importantly, keeping social media social.

If social media marketing, community building and engagement is an area of your business you’re looking to improve. Then my 31 social media content ideas FREE DOWNLOAD, is the perfect place to start. That’s a whole month of content done for you, AND I’ve even added in to sneaky CTA to go with each post. Better yet, you can also use these prompts in your stories and across any platform you choose. Download the cheat-sheet HERE and happy creating and building an engaged community.

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