"3 Ways To Rapidly Grow Your Email List"

Ahh, list building! The good old fashioned way of doing business. Knowing how to grow your email list is KEY and one of the strongest legs in your business to gain warm leads. BUT… I feel your pain. Because it ain’t exactly sunshine and rainbows in the beginning. I’ll bet, up until now, you haven’t even considered building an email list. Instead you’re focusing all your efforts online to Instagram followers, YouTube subscribers, likes, comments and shares (correct me if I’m wrong?)

Hey boo, it’s okay! I’ve been in your shoes and I knew I had to start building a list, I just didn’t know how. I was blogging, showing up on Instagram and pulling my hair out all at the same time. Why wasn’t anyone subscribing to get weekly updates from my blog? I had a few freebies on my website, but I was gaining a whopping ZERO new subs each week! WHY, oh why!? I couldn’t understand it, my weekly newsletter is filled with epic top tips, exclusive info and personal support. What was I missing here?

You see, there’s a method in this marketing madness and these 3 methods are important to know, learn and master to rapidly grow your email list. Without them, you’re sat, staring at your screen, hitting refresh whilst praying to the digital gods to send people to your website. Sorry sweet-heart, that’s NOT how online marketing works. A little elbow work is required on your part, and with a sprinkle of manifesting thoughts – BOOM you’re on the road to healthy looking list (and bank account).

If this sounds like you… Buckle up babe, get ready to take notes and let those creative juices flow with ease. Because, I’m about to drop some golden nuggets of wisdom. LET’S GO! 

GROW YOUR LIST STEP #1: Create an Irresistible Offering!


Firstly, let’s address the elephant in the room. I’m about to get REAL with you. “No one cares about your newsletter.” Let me say that again… NO ONE CARES ABOUT YOUR NEWSLETTER, or about receiving your weekly blog updates, tips, discounts etc. Sorry, but it’s true!

Unless you’re giving away gold bars or are selling the secret formula how to start sh*tting money, people aren’t interested. However, that’s not to say email marketing is a lost cause. No, in fact, it’s one of the best, easiest and funnest ways to build relationships, nurture your audience and sell your services online. Better yet, that list is YOURSsorry Zuckerberg, but you can sit this one out, thank you!

Unlike social media, you own this list. All these emails are yours (well not technically) but you get where I’m going with this one. So, to combat your efforts to grow your email list, you need to be strategic and determine exactly what struggles, challenges, issues and problems your ideal clients are facing. How can you step in and help? What do you have that they don’t? What’s the secret sauce they need that you’ve got in the cupboard? THAT’S what’s going to get people on your list.

So, get to thinking… What can you create and how are you going to create it? A few ideas to help you get the horse going:

  • A PDF download
  • A Facebook live series
  • A challenge
  • A mini-course
  • A e-Book
  • A webinar

NEXT UP, STEP #2: Talk About it All Day, EVERYDAY!


Now you’ve created that EPIC, AMAZING, IRRESISTIBLE freebie. Now It’s time to get excited about it, because hey, you just solved a problem, go you! You’re audience are going to love it and if you did your research right, people can’t wait to get their hands on it. This step is crucial, so listen up! There’s absolutely no point in all your hard efforts to create the damn thing, if you aren’t prepared to talk about it. And by talk about it, I mean TALK ABOUT IT! Scream it on your stories, share it on your feed, post it on your pages and in groups, mention it in your videos and link back to it everyday, twice a day. Get ready to dedicate at least 14 days to talk about it all the time, because here’s the thing…

You mention it once (well done) and then you never talk about it again (shame on you)! How on gods great earth do you expect to gain interest, attract the right people or grow your email list if you only tell people about it once, ONCE!! Here’s the reality… chances are only 10% of your audience will see it ‘that one post/mention’ and of that 10% only 1-5% of those people will take action. In speaking terms, that’s not a whole lot. Unless you’ve got thousands of followers and a mass community of die hard fans ready and whiling to actually buy from you.

Therefore, get your amplifier out, because sh*t’s about to get real loud, real quick. Remember to show your excitement and enthusiasm AND the best way to do this is to talk about it on video. Good luck friend and may the odds, be ever in your favour! Thank you, NEXT!

THE LAST & BEST BIT, STEP #3: Promote it on Pinterest Sister!


You’ve done it, you’ve created a BANGIN’ opt-in and bombarded your audience for 14 days with it AND… your list has grown – HURRAY! People are finally on your list and counting. But, like all good things that buzz doesn’t last, the expiry date has passed and the sour smell of desperation is starting to funk out your audience. I hear you, you’re thinking “great Lauren, NOW WHAT!?” And I’m here to tell you what any good hairdresser would, GURL… lather, rinse, REPEAT!

Repeating step one and two, to create new leads and opt-ins every few months is great, sure it is! But what if I told you I hold the key to unlocking EVEN MORE growth? That’s right, you heard correctly. MORE GROWTH! You see, I was introduced to the world of Pinterest like any other. I pinned my favourite outfits, found fun recipes to try and home workouts that worked for me and my body. But that type of pinning behaviour ain’t making me dolla, dolla BILLZ y’all. So I learnt the basics, mastered my skills and grew my then travel blog. My traffic exploded and my email list with it. Because knowing and understanding how the Pinterest algorithm works and how YOU can literally make it work for you and your content will help you grow exponentially.

To name only a few, here’s some reasons why you should be investing your time and money into Pinterest TODAY:

  • Pins have a lifespan of at least 3 months
  • You can great multiple pins for just ONE piece of content
  • You’re able to link back to any source you choose to
  • Going viral is EASY AF
  • Followers don’t matter

And if that tickles you pickle, you’re gonna LOVE what I’ve got for you

My all amazing Pinterest Masterclass teaches you just how to master it in less than an hour! PLUS I’m giving you my top preforming pin templates for Canva that you can customise until your hearts content, AND I’ve even includes walkthrough tutorials to help you best optimise your profile, boards, descriptions, use Canva and grow on Tailwind. I mean, WHAT! That’s a whole lot of resources that you can use and start implementing TODAY!

So if you’re yet to dive into the world of Pinterest and want to turn your list building lead-magnets into evergreen content, GO QUICK and get your hands on my Pinterest Masterclass for just £79 (I mean c’mon, BARGIN!)

3 Ways To Rapidly Grow Your Email List
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