"The Best Types of Content for Instagram"

The Instagram struggle is REAL! With new features being released left right and centre, it can be hard to keep up. Let alone knowing what type of content you should be posting.

Should you be focusing on Reels because Instagram is pushing that format HARD?

Should you create more carousels because they offer your audience a ton of value?

Or should you be going live every week because it gives you the chance to communicate with your audience directly?

Truth is, the type of content you create totally depends on the goal you’re trying to achieve. In this blog post, I’m going to break each of the Instagram content formats down, so that you know who it’s ideal for and what it achieves…

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Creating Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories are a great way of showing the BTS of your business and to showcase your personality. There are loads of different features you can utilise like poll or question stickers, that will help you engage your audience (it’s also great for market research). Tip: not everyone listens to the audio, so make sure you add captions.

Who are Instagram stories good for?

Your current audience.

Why should you create Instagram stories?

To build connection. Increase views and DM’s.

Instagram stories pros and cons


  • Gives people a glimpse into BTS and daily life
  • Highly engaging (especially when you use poll stickers etc.)
  • Shows off your personality


  • Can be challenging if you’re camera shy

Creating Instagram Reels

Reels are super fun to create and are a great way to entertain, motivate and inspire your audience. But, with the high volume visibility, attracting the right people to your content can be difficult. That’s why it’s important to make sure the content you create speaks directly to your ideal customer. 

Who are reels good for?

New audiences.

Why should you create reels?

To boost reach and impressions. Increase your visibility. 

Reels pros and cons


  • Easily boost your visibility 
  • Adds some fun and entertainment to your brand


  • Can be difficult to provide real value
  • Doesn’t always attract your target audience

Creating Lives/ IGTV

The scariest of them all, right? If you aren’t already aboard the live train, now is the time! This is the best way to truly connect with your audience. Answer their questions. Solve their problems. Give them a sh*t ton of value during a mini training. 

Better yet, if you collaborate with other industry experts it will open the door to a whole new audience. 

If the thought of going live gives you a twitchy bum, I have some useful tips that might help you overcome your fear. 

Who are Lives/ IGTV’s good for?

New and current audiences.

Why should you create Lives/ IGTV’s?

To build connections. Boost your visibility (especially as part of a collab)

Lives/ IGTV pros and cons


  • Builds deeper connections with your audience
  • Great for collaborating with others


  • Can be challenging if you’re camera shy
Going live on Instagram

Creating Feed Posts

With IG officially announcing it’s no longer a photo-sharing platform… is the feed dead? Not at all! But, what should you focus on… static posts or carousels?

Static posts are perfect if you want to create infographics, cheat sheets, quotes and memes. But, if you’re wanting to give lots of value in a more visual way Carousels are where it’s at.

Who are feed posts good for?

New and current audiences.

Why should you create feed posts?

Gives you credibility. Boosts your reach. 

Feed posts pros and cons


  • Static posts are usually quick and simple to create
  • Carousels are a great all-rounder that gives lots of value


  • Static posts can sometimes come across like an advert when used in the wrong way
  • Carousels are very time consuming to create

If confidently showing up online is something you struggle with, The Confident Content Club is where it’s at. Get in touch or shoot me a DM to get on the waitlist for the next round. 

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