"10 Ways to Become More Visible Online"

How do I get visible online? It’s a question clients ask me all the time! A marketing ‘guru’ might tell you, ads are the quickest and easiest way to get more eyeballs on your business. But, I’m here to tell you how you can do it for FREE! 

In this blog post, I’m going to reveal the actions I take to show up in my business, give value to my community and be seen. 

1. Engage, inspire, connect & empower your audience

Social media isn’t just about having an audience: you need engagement. All those likes, comments, shares, saves, clicks etc. show that your content is resonating with the people who see it. When it comes to quality engagement, there is no shortcut! You get out of social media what you put in. Take the time to craft that great posts, that will engage, inspire, empower and connect with your audience. 

2. Go live & give value

When someone watches your video live, they get a deeper connection with you. There’s something more urgent about watching a live video than a pre-recorded one. Facebook and Instagram also favour live videos. Why? Because that’s what its users enjoy watching. When done right, video creates educated clients, higher conversions, and lower-cost lead generation.

If going live sounds frightening, check out this post on Tips To Help You Show Up Live on Social Media

3. Get in the DMs & have conversations

You’ve heard this a million times but… people want to buy from people, not annoying bot accounts. When you slide into someone’s DM’s, you can connect with your followers on a more personal level. It definitely requires a bit more work, but you’ll be able to create more in-depth relationships with people who will want to work with you.

4. Use every inch of social media to show up online

I’m not suggesting you try and show up on every single social media platform. Pick 1 or 2 and do them REALLY WELL! If there’s a feature available, use it! Let’s take Instagram as an example… you’ve got: feed posts, stories, IGTV, Reels, video, lives, hashtags, geotags… make the most of all the features and the algorithm will reward you for it. 

5. Share, re-share and repurpose EVERYTHING!

Guess what… this blog you’re reading right now is repurposed from another piece of content. The secret to great content marketing isn’t creating more content. It’s about making the most of what you’ve already got! As the saying goes… ‘work smarter, not harder’. By repurposing your content into different formats and sharing it on various platforms, you’re appealing to new audiences. 

6. Lead your community to your other platforms

It’s all well and good having [x] amount of followers on Instagram, but what if your account disappears? Trust me, it happens! Imagine losing your account and having to start again from scratch. You need a backup plan! Here’s a couple of ideas to get you started… 

  • create an enticing lead magnet to encourage sign-ups to your mailing list
  • host weekly lives that are only available in your private Facebook group

7. Promote, sell and share your offers

Selling doesn’t have to be icky! The key to selling on social media is being “social” (the clue is in the name) and interacting, not broadcasting your latest offer or pitching your latest deal at the time. Instead, educate and speak to your audience’s pain points, give them value whilst sprinkling in your sales message.

8. Market research & ask questions

You probably did some market research when you first started out, but doing it once isn’t enough. Things change! A great way to do this, is during your discovery calls, chatting with your existing clients, using social media polls, taking note of any FAQs in your DM’s. 

9. Evaluate your insights/ analytics

Take the time to get to know your analytics and gain a better understanding of which social media tactics and strategies are working, and which aren’t. What content got the most engagement? What content didn’t perform? Use this information to learn and improve. 

10. Become a guest EXPERT

You’re an expert in your field with plenty of value bombs to offer! Spread your message, get in front of new audiences and stamp your authority as an expert by guesting with other industry experts. It could be writing an article for someone’s blog, being interviewed on a podcast, a contributor in a Clubhouse room, or an IG/ FB live. When reaching out to people make sure they fit with your brand values, and that their audience will be interested in what you have to offer. 

Remember, you don’t need a big audience to get “seen”! If you follow these 10 tips to become more visible online, you’ll have no issue getting your brand in front of more people who want to see it. 

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