This Experience is Designed to Help Female Service-Based Businesses and Online Coaches Who Want to Build an Online Presence That Still Makes an Impact, Even When They’re Offline.

👉 You get excited to share what you’re working on, or how you can help your ideal client, but you feel self-conscious and nervous, resulting in talking fluff and freaking out because you have no idea what to say.

👉 You want to engage your audience with your knowledge and expertise, but you can struggle to show up as an authority.

👉 You feel lost without a clear strategy when it comes to showing up and selling your new offers, programs or services.

👉 You inconsistently show up to educate your audience and only a few people watch your stories or they skip through it without listening.

👉 You feel like you’re repeating yourself over and over and your ideal customer is just not that interested hence: No sales or no new clients knocking at your door.

How would it feel if…

🎉 You could show up daily with unbreakable confidence knowing that you are crystal clear on your intentions and everything you put out there has a purpose?

🎉 When pitching your programs, offers and services to your audience came with ease knowing it will convert every time?

🎉 You knew how to set your socials and online presence up for success to help you continue to gain interest, even when your offline?

🎉 It felt comfortable and 100% confident delivering your message and making an impact, whilst simultaneously increasing your conversion?

🎉 You always had new followers and cold leads sliding into your DMs, instantly wanting to work with you and being able to closing those sales – EVERYTIME!?

Ready to learn my secrets to making money in your online business, whilst you’re sipping cocktails offline?

It’s All HERE, Inside The EXPERIENCE!

💸 the investment 💸

Pay in Full = £797

Pay Plan {x2} = £405

Flexi Plan {x3} = £275

I’ve been there! I know exactly what it’s like to not have a clue about how I can educate my audience while also trying to pitch them about my new product that will change their life!

After 6 months on constant trial and error, I started to notice a common pattern when people came to me looking for help and support. I mastered what was working and stopped doing things that I could sense my audience didn’t like.

I realised there was a specific strategy on how to show up in a way that makes an impact long after my stories expire or posts aren’t fresh on my feed.

Now, I’m giving you VIP back stage access and sharing all of my tips, tricks and secrets with you. So you can also grow your business, quit the day job, work with dreamy clients and still make time to be offline, present with loved ones and have the freedom you desire (without the overwhelm, burnout or stress that sometimes comes with it) 🙌

The Online Intelligence is the perfect program for…

Service-based biz owners, coaches and entrepreneurs who want to grow their online business in a way that allowes them to step back & still increase their income.

You’re running on empty half the time, constantly reaching burnout because you’re always online, with little to no ROI.

If you’re making a few sales in your business, but they aren’t coming directly to you. You are always the one doing out reach and opening the conversation.

5 weeks of tailored 1:1 coaching and mentoring where we can deep dive into your business.

Unlimited Voxer and email support. Think of it like having a coach in your back pocket.

BONUS: Access to my Instagam Resource Bundle, trainings and tutorials (VALUE = £197)

BONUS: Additional 6th week support to ensure you’re set up for success (VALUE = £199)

BONUS: Group session for that added extra support and community (VALUE = £197)

💸 the investment 💸

Pay in Full = £797

Pay Plan {x2} = £405

Flexi Plan {x3} = £275

the focus

🔥 Understand what’s working, what isn’t and craft a solid strategy that positions you as the expert.

🔥 How to use your social profile to attract and funnle ideal clients into your DM’s, using video marketing and story telling based content.

🔥 Together map out a content strategy to boost your visibility and showcase your authority. Get ready to let your content do the work for you.

🔥 Learn how to use permission based conversations to ask the right querstions and lead into pitching your services.

🔥 Continue to grow your business whilst simultaneously building a reputable online presence that new followers instantly want to work with.

that’s not all…

🥂 I’m also matching the cost of the investment in BONUSES ALONE.

🥂 Extending the program an additional 6th week to provide you with ADDED SUPPORT.

🥂 A GROUP CLARITY SESSION with YOU and the other incredible ladies to take action.


🥂 FREE ACCESS to… ‘How To Build An Audience Of Buyers’ MASTERCLASS!

Hey there, I’m Lauren Claire and I’m a Social Media and Confidence Coach for female entrepreneurs who want to show up and stand out in the online space. I help boost your online visibility through organic marketing strategies and authentic behaviour that not only attracts your ideal clients and makes an impact, but also puts more money in your pocket too.

I quit my corporate lifestyle to travel the world. During which time I learnt everything there was to know about social media marketing and business strategy. After trial and error myself, I am now a full-time coach helping women (just like you) have a strong social media strategy and nail their online presence.

In less than a year of being in business for myself, I have:

🥂 Increased my brand visability

🥂 MATCHED my corporate income

🥂 Quit my day job & move to the UK

🥂 Guest spoken at virtual summits

🥂 Been featured in the Yahoo! Finance

Now I sign clients when I’m spending time offline, with my friends and family. No more worrying about being online 24/7 or relying on only getting clients when I’m active in my stories.

I started focusing my energy around creating long term success in my business and making my online presence live on evergreen, VS relying on me showing up to make sales. This has created trust with not only my active audience, but also with new followers and cold leads who land on my profile too.

This is the exact framework we walk through together, to ensure your potential isn’t capped when you stop showing up due to family time, holidays, or just needing to take a break from social media.

Ready to take action?

Pay in Full = £555 (x1)

Payment Plan = £279 (x2)

Flexible Pay = £187 (x3)