"Roadmap to Success: for New Business Owners"

Roadmap to success: for new business owners

The entrepreneur’s who ‘make it’, are the one’s who know what they want to achieve, and the actions they need to take to get there. In other words, they have a roadmap to success.

Why do you need a roadmap for your business?

Because it gives you clarity on the areas of your business you need to focus your efforts on, and it helps you understand what tasks no longer serve a purpose anymore. 

Now, I know what you’re thinking… “I don’t have time for this”. But, here’s the thing… not only is creating a roadmap to success super easy to implement, but it’s also going to save you a sh*t ton of time in the long run!

So, here’s how we’re gonna do this… we’re going to break the roadmap down into three simple steps… DO, DELEGATE, DELETE (simple, right?)

Let’s get started…

Step 1: What needs to be done?

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Write a list of all the things YOU absolutely HAVE to do, in order for your business to not only run but to succeed. Be honest with yourself and keep it realistic! 

Then, prioritise your tasks in order of importance. There’s no point putting a high priority task at the bottom of the list because there’s less chance of actually doing it. 

Work on the more important things first, as these are the things that are going to have the biggest impact on your business.

Step 2: Where & what can you delegate?

As your business starts to grow, one of the best ways to achieve higher efficiency for a lower investment is outsourcing. Think about it, would you rather be spending your time serving your clients and growing your business, or waste time doing things you hate? Not only that, we don’t know everything! 

E.g. you need a website but, you’ve never built one before. You have a go at DIYing it, watch 5 hours worth of Youtube videos and another 5 hours trying to figure it out. By hiring some else, you’d have saved 10 + hours of your time, had a lot less stress to deal with, and you’d probably be much happier with the end result.

So, here’s 3 things you should definitely consider outsourcing:

  • Anything that is outside of your zone – things you either can’t do or don’t want to do!
  • Time wasting tasks – things like emails and admin that suck up your time
  • The not so important, but still needs to be done stuff – things that always end up on the “I’ll do it later” list

Step 3: What needs to be deleted? 

Roadmap to success: for new business owners - GIF saying "delete, delete, delete.

If it’s not serving you or your business purpose, get rid! This is all part of growing as a business… you start to outgrow some of the things/tasks you did when you were first starting out. 

Ask yourself:

  • Is it bringing me in new leads?
  • Is it making me money?
  • Does it add any value to me or my business?
  • Does it make sense anymore?

If the answer was ‘NO’ to any of the above – DELETE IT! It’s just a waste of your time and resources!

So, what three things can you do, delegate and delete this week? I’d love to know how you get on creating your own roadmap to success!

If you’re struggling with the direction of your business and where to focus your efforts, let’s jump on a call and see where I can help. You can get in touch HERE or connect with me on Instagram.

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