"Tips To Help You Show Up Live on Social Media"

So, you want to show up live on social media. But, trust me when I say I know the feeling. It can be terrifying, overwhelming and daunting in the beginning. You already know this, otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this post. Nowadays, showing up live, creating video’s and being the face of your business is key.

People want to get to know you, connect with you and most importantly, they need to form their own opinion of you. This is crucial in order for them to eventually buy from you. And the best way of doing this, is through video, showing up live and in your stories.

But to sum up this post, let’s focus on the scariest of them all. SHOWING UP LIVE!

The one thing you KNOW you must do for your business to thrive, yet it makes you want to crawl into a hole and DIE. Because, well, it scares the crap out of you – Yeah, that’s the one!

I know this, because I’ve been in your shoes, I once longed to feel to show up live, like the badass biz boss I knew I was. Let me tell you, that DID NOT happen overnight. It took time, practice and many failed attempts, stutters, and mind blanks, before finally feeling confident in what I was trying to get across. The beauty of this, is that you need to understand that this IS going to happen and it’s okay. You aren’t expected to show up like Beyonce the first time around, nor should you put that expectation on yourself. Mastering the art of video is one thing, mastering the art of going live is a WHOLE different ball game! Which is why I’m here to tell you, you can do it and you are going to smash it. Here’s how…



Let’s get down to business and talk about the number one thing that is going to get going live, whilst also feeling confident and that’s preparation. If you aren’t preparing for your lives, having an outline of what you want to cover or map out the key points that are going to give your audience value – YOU WILL STRUGGLE! It’s as simple as that. Having some sort of plan, even if it’s a few notes on a piece of paper in front of you, that’s enough. You must show up prepared and when you do, you will definitely show up with more confidence. Best bit, this confidence will project in your body language and facial expression and your audience will see it. 

This will help you show up as an authority and the expert in your niche, because your audience can smell if you’ve not got a plan, you will panic and lose sight of why you decided to show up live in the first place. So have a plan girlfriend and soon you’ll be showing up in ways you only ever dreamed imaginable.



Now that you’ve got your plan in front of you, next it’s time to make yourself feel good. Whether that’s doing your hair, make-up or wearing your lucky socks. When you show up live, make sure YOU feel good about yourself – inside and out! Clear your mind, pump yourself up and get in the zone.

The next 10, 30, 60 minutes are YOURS. Are you ready to take the stage? Because if you’re feeling meh, or don’t feel good about what you’re about to do… Girl you need to do some ground work first. Now, let’s not get these feelings confused with nerves, excitement and butterflies. These are all normal emotions that will push to the surface right before you hit ‘GO LIVE’. It’s only natural that you feel like this, I’m sure big movie stars and performer’s feel this way too. So don’t let them stop you or stand in your way! You look great, feel great and you are so ready to shine bright beautiful!



Who are you talking to? Why are you talking to them? Are you using the right language? Are you presenting yourself in the right manner? These are all things you need to think about before you jump on your phone or laptop ready to show up live. You need to know exactly who it is that you are speaking to… This comes in the form of market research, you need to understand your audience, in order to speak directly to them. How is your live going to fix their problems? What struggle are you solving? What is the EXACT language they are thinking to themselves, and then how are you using it in your live? 

This part of a live is often overlooked and it’s why so many people struggle connecting with their ideal clients. As well as the words and language you use, how are you presenting yourself too? If your ideal clients are professionals, you might want to show up like one yourself. Rather than in your PJ’s with a top knot – if you get what I’m putting down? If your ideal clients are yogis, then yoga pants are a good way to go. It’s about showing your appreciation for the people you work with, while also showing up for yourself. Don’t change who you are, but know who and why you are talking to your specific audience.



A good live, no matter how amazing you did, how long to last without messing up your words or awesome you felt is NOTHING without a strong CTA (call to action). This goes for just about anything and everything you put into the world. All of your content, whether it’s a blog, post, video or live, must ALWAYS have a CTA. Something you want your audience to do, an action they must take and I find driving people with an incentive is the best way to get them to do what you want them to. Maybe you want them to sign-up to your newsletter? Download a workbook? Follow you on Instagram? Like your recent post to be entered into a giveaway? Whatever it is, it’s important you talk about it at least 3 times during the live.

Remember, people don’t always join at the start and they don’t always stay until the end. So, I find the best way to talk about your CTA is like any good story… The beginning, middle AND end! Sprinkle it into conversation throughout your live, show your excitement about this mind blowing new thing that you’re being driven to talk about. Build momentum and your audience will get just as pumped as you are, and feel called to check it out, download it and take action – and that’s the idea, right? You want EVERYONE in your community to know about this new thing you’re putting out into the world, so don’t be afraid to talk about it or wait until the end and then just quickly run through it. Say it loud and proud, because you are!

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