"4 Common Signs You’re Experiencing Burnout"

Can’t put your finger on why you’re feeling down, low or tired in your business? Chances are you’re experiencing some type of biz burnout. There are so many common signs you’re experiencing burnout, but you aren’t always aware of it in the moment. You try to point the finger, shift the blame or tell yourself you aren’t cut out for this lifestyle anymore. Truth is, these are highly common signs you’re experiencing burnout and I’m here to tell you we all feel like this during one time or another.

Burnout is a tricky game, it sneaks up on you, without you even realising. Then, all at once, you are hit in the face with what feels like a bus. You start to blame yourself for your ‘failures’ and lose yourself, forgetting everything you’ve accomplished in your business so far. IT SUCKS, it hurts, your mind tells you, you aren’t good enough and you honestly start to believe it!! WHAT?

It’s the scary truth of burnout, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Feel like you might be facing burnout head on. Here’s 4 common signs you’re experiencing burnout and how to overcome them with ease…



Common sign number one, and the one that usually shows its face to the party first is ‘Self-Sabotage’. This guy is the leader of the pack! He comes in with his entourage of mythical reasons as to why you should stop, why you aren’t good enough and points out all the things “you’re” doing wrong (which you’re not BTW) WHAT AN ASSHOLE!

Self-sabotaging is completely normal in any business. It’s almost your brains way of trying to convince you that you made a HUGE mistake, and that it would be better for everyone if you just crawl back into your old life and give up. I’m here to tell you, these feelings don’t actually exist and it’s your ego rearing its head. This will pass, it’s important to recognise these feelings and work through them rather than trying to push them down.



Find yourself napping, like, ALL THE GOD-DAMN TIME!? Or, if not napping, wanting to take a break, lay down or go for a nap when you know you don’t need to? Yeah, that’s signs your experiencing burnout too. Feeling over-exhausted, like you’ve just ran a double marathon on an empty stomach, when you clearly haven’t. That my friend, is good ole burnout!

When these feelings and emotions that are caused by burnout show up, your body’s natural instinct is to wear you down and drain your energy. Often confused with lack of sleep, unhealthy habits, diet or bad routines. It’s actually a side effect of signs you’re experiencing burnout. Burnout doesn’t always mean what it says on the tin. You aren’t always physically burning the candle at both ends, sometimes you’ve just surpassed your internal comfort energy levels. Meaning you’ve hit the ground running and you just need to allow your brain to catch up with there you are currently showing up. Maybe you’ve push yourself to achieve more lately, or you’ve passed your goals quicker than expected. Realise this, celebrate your accomplishments and just take some time out for self-care.



Up next we have creative block! This one hurts the most, as you think you no longer have the magic touch or you’ve lost your superpower ability to create, well, ANYTHING! Again completely normal and not something that’s going to be an issue in the long run. Look how far you’ve come already? You have smashed your goals out of the park, achieved nothing but greatness. In the grand scheme of things, you’ve hit a small wall, whilst trying to driving 60MPH in a 20MPH zone.

You’ve surpassed your own creative ability and now you’re sitting around asking yourself, now what! This will disappear and you will come back to your creative self in no-time. This just means that you are ready to level up, create more and create even better than before. Use this time of inner emptiness to reflect on what you’ve already created, how can you re-purpose it to flick your business over until tomorrow. How can you show up, just enough to keep moving forward, inch by inch? Use your current emotions and frustration to create content around that, pull on your own emotional triggers and given time you will come back fighting.



The only other natural thing you can think of right now if giving up, going home and crawling back into the zone of which you feel most comfortable, right? WRONG!!! This is no time to quit young lady.

You have so much more to give, you are stronger than you know and this is the time to cultivate this energy into even more greatness. Sure the safe zone is comfy, it’s easy and it’s served you well in the past. But now – NOW is the time to say goodbye to that cushty place, close the door and lock it up. Because you don’t need it anymore! You have seriously out grown your comfort zone and it’s the only thing that is physically holding you back. If anything, you have been thrown this hand of cards because the universe knows you better than you think and it’s pushing you to your limits so you can come out on top of it all.


Now that we’ve identified what’s going on, let’s fix it. It’s time to stop and slow down, take time to be in the moment and mindful of what’s going on around you.

When you’re feeling any of these 5 common signs or you’re fully aware that you are burnt-out… Here’s what to do:

  • Write down 5 words that best describe your current FEELINGS, EMOTIONS, THOUGHTS etc.
  • Take a picture of yourself, chances are you’ll look and feel miserable doing this. Because, let’s face it – who wants to take a picture of themselves when they’re feeling rotten?
  • Go for a walk, get outside, do SOMETHING outside or the house for a minimum of 30 minutes.
  • No music, podcasts or distractions. Just you and a walk.
  • Tell yourself over and over during this walk why you started, what’s important to you and what great things you’ve accomplished already.
  • After the walk, go back home, take another selfie of yourself and write down 5 different words of how you are feeling after the walk.
  • Use these 5 NEW words to journal for a final 10 minutes.

If you’re experiencing burnout and are looking for support to level up and over come it, let’s jump on a call and see where I can help? Book your call HERE or connect with my on Instagram.

4 Common Signs You’re Experiencing Burnout

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