As the worlds biggest fan of travel photography, it only makes sense I talk about my new favourite camera bag. Having travelled all over the globe, carting cameras left, right and centre, I’ve used a range of different bags. But, I think it’s safe to say, I’ve finally found THE ONE!

No matter where I’m travelling, having an “unnecessary” item of luggage to carry around all day long, can be somewhat of a nuisance. However, since travel and photography are my life, it’s a no brainer that my gear is coming along for the ride.

I’ve tried a ton of different camera bags. Some big, some small, some not even designed to hold camera equipment (that’s a mistake I won’t make again). Finding the perfect fit is tough, there so many to choose from. I also found that most are too wide on me and an absolute hassle in airports. They’re just too big, which results in me packing more and struggling to carrying it. To make things even harder, I don’t have access to a camera outlet in Jersey, so online shopping is the only way. Meaning, if it’s no good, I’d have to return it.

As well as a travel camera bag, I wanted something that was both durable and comfortable for everyday use. Along with something that didn’t scream ‘I’M CARRYING EXPENSIVE STUFF, STEAL ME!’

The Old Camera Bag!

My last camera bag was the RÜCKEN BAGSMART camera backpack, which fit most of my criteria. However, trialling it for the first time whilst backpacking through Southeast Asia and Australia wasn’t my smartest move. It’s a great bag and can hold A LOT of gear, but at times, it was too big or heavy. On two separate occasions, It was almost taken off me and put in with the hold luggage on a bus. Which is an absolute big NO when it contains hundreds, in fact thousands of pounds worth of electronics. BAGSMART seemed like the best bag at the time, but after switching it out and ‘upgrading’ I couldn’t be happier.

The New Bag!

Out with the old and in with the new! I found the CADen camera backpack on Amazon. It’s simple, spacious and inconspicuous, just want I want. With the tripod holder fixed to the bottom of the bag (which is hard to find), including a hidden back pocket for my important documents. It also has two separate slots for my laptop, interior pouches for cables and chargers, PLUS a built in USB port where I can charge my phone.

I’ll admit I was a little unsure when I first ordered it, as you can never really be certain it’s going to be of good quality. The price is what also had me thinking due to it being so bloody cheap, that’s right, CHEAP! This bag was more than half the price of my previous one, but, it exceeds all my expectations. Granted I haven’t trialled it whilst travelling (yet), though I’m enjoying using it for everyday shooting.

Let’s get into a few more reasons as to why I think this camera bag is worth the hype! ?

Double Waterproof Protection

Ensuring you never have to worry about ruining any of you gear. Designed with an adventure always in mind, with its removable raincoat cover for this outdoor travel. Meaning it won’t be wet, even extremely condition weathers. Horray!

Large Capacity Pockets

As I mentioned above, this feature sets the bag aside from all of the others. Having enough pockets inside of CADeN camera bag, which can be used for a 14 inch laptop, SD cards, pens, a notebook and any additional accessories or cables. With the option to use this bag for everyday use, as well as gear makes it very versatile and I love that.

Multifunctional Shoulder Belt

The shoulder belts come with D triangle locks, that can be used to hold a lens bag, sunglass, bottle etc. The adjustable, shockproof and decompression padding makes the bag easy and comfortable to carry for long distances. (I just keeps getting better!)

Chest Belt

If there is any one thing I absolutely must have in a camera bag, it’s a chest belt/strap. This is super important for me, as it provides additional comfort when walking long and far, especially if I’m hiking etc.

Additional Back Strap / Suitcase Carrier

Now this is something that will be a game changer. This bag also comes with an elasticated back strap that runs from one side to the other. This feature is obviously hidden when wearing the bag, however, when you have landed after a long flight and picked up your suitcase, this little tool helps keeping everything together easy. Simply sit your bag on the top of your case, and the elastic strap can slide down over the handle – AMAZING!

So, after hearing all of the above, do you wanna know exactly how much I paid for this bag? Well, the answer is £36.00! Hands down the cheapest camera bag, or none camera bag I own. I’m thankful to have stumbled onto it whilst browsing Amazon, otherwise I would still be on the hunt. If you’re after a camera bag yourself, why not check it out… HERE! I promise you won’t regret it.

The Best Camera Bag For Travel Lovers