"Two Steps Forward One Step Back"

Sometimes you have to go backwards in life, to be able to move forward. I never thought that what I did today, would ever be on the cards. However, it happened and I’m actually OK with it. Life leads us down a path, and I believe that everything happens for a reason.

Two Steps Forward One Step Back

Well, today was exactly that for me. Today, being the biggest day, as I returned to work. That’s right people, I’m officially back to being employed. But not just any old job, oh no, I returned to my office job. The job I quit almost two years ago, the job and life I had grown to hate and needed to escape. However, 18 months on, I’ve grown, changed my thought process and learning to love myself again. 

You may say I’m crazy, I know some of my friends think I am. Not to worry though, it’s not permanent. I’m on a six month fixed term contract and here’s why I’ve decided to go back:

Forgive & Forget…

I’ve forgiven myself and others that caused me so much pain back then. I’m ready to move forward with my life and the only way I can do that, is to plan and save for my next trip. So much time has passed between now and then. The fact that I actually instigated the offer, shows just how much I have grown up. I will also be working part time at my old job, as a health care assistant. In my eyes, two jobs are better than none. And if I had waited around until I came home from my travels, this offer probably wouldn’t still be on the table. So I grabbed it, with both hands.

I Know What I’m Doing…

To save on hassle and drama, I didn’t fancy starting at a different company. A big new building with new faces, new protocols and a whole new priority, just for the sake of six months. Here I know the job, I know the systems and I know I’ll be an asset to my team and the company. With that in mind, I know the people too. People I built relationships with, once a colleague now a friend. I know what I’ve gotten myself into and I’m excited to be a team player again. 

I’m Ready For The Challenge…

Although stepping back, into the safety of a job I once knew. I know in my head, that this is a huge deal for me and I’m ready for the challenge. Going back to face everyone, to be boxed in by the office walls. For the last 18 months I’ve had my freedom, what with Africa, working as a health care assistant and recently being on the wide open roads of Europe. Now I’m heading back to routine, something I detest. But with light at the end of my tunnel, I know which direction I am heading this time. I’m not lost or looking for an answer, in fact, this is my answer. 

With the above in mind, I can’t wait to share my most recent and MOST exciting news of all. Although coming home and going back to a job I once knew scared the crap out of me, since being home these past two weeks so much good has happened. I’ve been offered a freelance, FREELANCE scriptwriting position for a local broadcasting company, all thanks to this blog you are currently reading. Thanks to my travel blogs and writing techniques, I’ve been offered my dream job! I also have a few projects up my sleeve, which are currently in post production and as soon as I have more news on them, you’ll be the first to know. Therefore, make sure you subscribe using the form in the side bar, so you won’t miss a single thing!

Not much more I have to say on this topic, just that “I’m back baby!” and I’m ready for whatever life throws my way. Thanks for taking the time to stop by and read my natter. Let me know if you’ve ever been in a similar situation and how you handled it? Drop me a comment below, I’d love to hear from you.
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  1. Cill

    That’s awesome. Well done Lauren Claire for being bold and brave. I wish you lots of success and happiness x- Cill aka “TravelWithABag”

    • laurenclaire

      Thank you so much, means a lot! ?

  2. Rob Bruce

    It shows that what we regard as a cliché ‘we never know what’s around the corner ‘ is true. Take the future with both hands it’s yours.


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